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            MAT FABRIC
            • Woven roving

              Woven roving is a bidirectional fabric made by interweaving direct rovings.Woven roving is compatible with many resins, such as polyester, vinyl ester andepoxy resins.
              Woven roving is a high-performance reinforcement and widely used in processessuch as in hand lay-up, molding, and pultrusion for th...
            • Stitch mat and stitch combo mat

              縫Stitch mat is a fabric made by chopping continuous strands into chopped strands ofcertain length and stitching together the chopped strands.Stitch combo mat is a complex mat made by stitching, together woven roving and a layerof evenly distributed chopped strands.They are compatible with polyester,...
            • Biaxial Fabrics

              This fabrics is non-crimp, multi-axis and multi-layered reinforcements. The layersare stitched via polyester yarn. Fabrics can be produced using multiple axis (0°90,+45° ,-45°), or combined with chopped mat and multiple layers of veiland /or tissue materiais.
              Suitable for unsaturated polyester resi...
            • Fiberglass Multiaxial Fabric

              Fiberglass multi-axial fabric is composed of multiple layers of untwisted rovingarranged in parallel along the directions of 0°,+45”,90” and -45” ,and belowthe roving layer a short cut roving layer, polyester non-woven fabric or glass fibersurface tissue can be arbitrarily combined according to the ...
            • Fiberglass Core Mat

              A multi-layer fabric layer by polyester thread lockstitch, suitable for a variety ofresin system.
              it can be used in procosses like hand lay up, RTM.
              Fiberglass sandwich mat is most widely used in wind energy, boat and automobile.
              The end products include; dorm, blade, boat hull, auto shell, plate...
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              Tianma Group Corp is engaged in research on fiberglass/composite material products and related technologies, and has won multiple national, provincial, and municipal level scientific and technological progress awards. Based on this, the company implements a technological innovation strategy, actively cooperates with domestic and foreign research institutes, targets and tracks international market trends, continuously develops new products with independent intellectual property rights, and enhances core competitiveness.

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                Tel: 0086-519-68193652

                Add: No. 309 Huanghai Rd, Xinbei District, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China

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              After more than 50 years of development and independent innovation, Tianma Group has always been in a leading position in the fierce market competition. It is China's fiberglass raw material industrial base with large production, excellent quality, multiple varieties, and the widest product coverage
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