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            From the year when Building Materials No.253 Plant(the former of Tianma Group Corp)imported the equipment to produce unsaturated polyester resin with annual 500-ton output and production technique from Scott Bader Co.,Great Britain in1966, China started to have its own glass fiber reinforced plastic industry. Therefore Tianma Group Corp has been know as the “cradle of Chinese FRP industry”.

            After development for more than 50 years, Tianma Group Corp now has become a grade one large-scale group company,which is a trans-regional and trans-industrial entity with syntheticaI functions such as research and development, production and management, goods and materials circulation, talent training and information service and soon.

            It is an industrial base of raw materials of FRP with the largest production, top quality, a plenty of varieties and wide coverage of products in China.The company mainly produces Unsaturated Polyester Resin (UP)gel coat and auxiliaries, glass fiber products. special chemicals Acrylic resin,hydroxy esters etc. which are sold and distributed in China and foreign countries. Particularly in recent years, new application fields such as construction of highway and railway, water conservancy facilities, WIND POWER facilities,building decoration,sanitary facilities have been opened up gradually and the new development platform has been constituted.
              • Establish in

                Establish in

              • Various technical personnel

                Various technical personnel

              • Senior engineer

                Senior engineer

              • Individuals who enjoy government subsidies

                Individuals who enjoy government subsidies

              • Manufacturing technology

                ● Tianma group Ltd is the largest and most complete production base of FRP raw materials in China.
                ● Our company possess of advanced manufacturing facilities and technology.we also possess of advanced Direct-melt production line; various kinds of interaction tank around 50 sets;imported warp knitting machines; various kinds of imported weaving machines; imported SMC production line;imported tissue production line.

                ● The annual production capacity from our company is of 50000 tons of fiberglass, 100000 tons of up resin accessoty; 20000 tons of various kinds of FRP products; 20000 tons of various kinds of adhesive; 30 million ㎡ of wall covering. Acrylic resin 5000tons,10000tons of hydroxy esters.

              • Research and Development(R&D)

                ● Tianma Group Corporation is one of the earliest research and production unit raw materials and products of glass fiber reinforced plastic in China. As the Hi-tech enterprise in Jiangsu province.Now it has various kinds of over 200 technicians among whom over 30 are senior engineers and 5 are technicians especially awarded by government. This excellent team are especially doing the research of FRP/composite raw materials and finished products as well as the relative technique and this team have got many national awards such as national patent and national science progress.The company has the first technical and composite engineering center with the provincial grade. Based on the excellent performance from this team the company made out the technical and creative strategy and positively cooperate with the national science research institute and abroad, meanwhile target and track the international market tendency,keep developing the new products with the self intellectual property and improve the core competition performance.

              Tianma group Ltd - Founded in 1960
              In the mid-1960s, the company introduced internationally advanced unsaturated resin equipment and technology, pioneering China's fiberglass industry. As a result, the company was hailed as the cradle of China's fiberglass industry by its peers
              CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL 253RD FACTORY was founded

              CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL 253RD FACTORY was founded

              CHANGZHOU TIANMA GROUP CO.,LTD. was founded

              CHANGZHOU TIANMA GROUP CO.,LTD. was founded

              Changzhou Hickory Chemistry Co.,Ltd
              Changzhou Walldec Special New Matorials Co.,Ltd.
              Changzhou Tianpeng Chemical Co.,Ltd
              Changzhou Changling FRP Co.,Ltd

              Changzhou Hickory Chemistry Co.,Ltd
              Changzhou Walldec Special New Matorials Co.,Ltd.
              Changzhou Tianpeng Chemical Co.,Ltd
              Changzhou Changling FRP Co.,Ltd

              Changhai Co., Ltd

              Changhai Co., Ltd

              • Chinese Famous Brands
              • National May Day Labor Medal
              • DNV
              • China Classification Society Certification
              • ISO9001/14001
              • CE certification certificate
              • AAA level credit enterprise
              • National High-tech Enterprise
              • Tianma Mission
                Becoming a trusted global supplier of unsaturated resins and fiberglass
                Committed to providing the highest quality products and services to global customers, our goal is to become a trusted global supplier of unsaturated resins and fiberglass, providing customers with the best solutions, and providing continuous technical support and services to drive industry development through innovation, contributing to the green and sustainable development of the composite material industry and society.

              • Tianma Vision
                Maintain a leading position in the global fiberglass industry
                Tianma has a professional team dedicated to researching and developing new technologies and products to meet the constantly changing needs of customers. We believe that only by providing higher quality solutions can we truly meet the needs of customers and achieve long-term development of the enterprise. Our goal is to provide customers with the highest quality products and services, continuously driving the development and innovation of the industry.

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                Tianma Group Corp is engaged in research on fiberglass/composite material products and related technologies, and has won multiple national, provincial, and municipal level scientific and technological progress awards. Based on this, the company implements a technological innovation strategy, actively cooperates with domestic and foreign research institutes, targets and tracks international market trends, continuously develops new products with independent intellectual property rights, and enhances core competitiveness.

                  Contact Us

                  E-mail: sales1@tm253.com

                  Tel: 0519-68193652

                  Add: No. 309 Huanghai Rd, Xinbei District, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China

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